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I need to ask regarding country of origin. we are stainless steel door suppliers. we are importing semi finished goods from India and finishing them in UK. Now i want to know what would be the country of origin when we export goods to Saudi Arabia.



Hello Umer,
In order to answer your question you need to decide on the tariff code for your products.
Take a look at https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff.

Once you have the correct tariff code you can then look at the regulations for origin as these differ by tariff code.

You need to be aware of the two levels on which origin operates. On one level you can call your goods UK origin because you made them. But this will not suffice for the importation into Saudi Arabia. This is the second level – it is the one that has the potential to get you import duty discounts in the importing country or indeed import duty additions and is the one that needs to appear on a certificate of origin (Arab or EU) which you will need for import to Saudi Arabia.
It is also the one that is used when origin based trade embargoes are in place which would prevent import at all.

You need to have all the details of the product to hand in order to decide origin. By this I mean the financial cost and the origin of the components, assemblies, labour, overheads etc. etc.

Your local chamber of commerce can issue certificates of origin (Arab and EU), There is a cost difference for the different certs. It is possible to complete these certs on line or in paper. Check out the web site for your local chamber of commerce in order to get started.

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Hi Umer,

Firstly your goods ORIGINATED in India regardless of the fact that they are finished product in the UK. Tariff codes do not come into the equation in connection with country of origin so please do not consider that part yet Your EU Certificate of origin will need to have box 3 checked "The Goods are of Foreign Origin as proved by the documents attached to this application as per standard rules" (Eg Certified Invoice from India or Letter from Manufacturer in India stating goods were manufactured in India). As goods are only "Finished" in the UK you cannot claim them as sole manufactured here.
We deal in this all the time. We also apply for C of O for you.
For more information and shipping rates please email or call me.

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Hello Umer,
When responding to questions I do not like to assume anything.

If the work you carry out on the items you import would be sufficient to change their tariff code from the one that was associated with the product that you imported then you may be entitled to change the origin to UK. Since in your case I have no idea what ‘finishing’ means or indeed what the product was that you imported I cannot advise whether or not this will apply but I wanted to give you the option as it can be significant.

Should you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me.

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