Exporting to Palestine


I am just putting together a project for the delivery and installation of a Computer Server and Switch System and I have a to deliver to the Palestine.

Is there any special requirements or documentation required (apart from the Normal Commercial Invoice, EUR1 etc).


Hi Warren,

I know you are already working with UKTI on your export strategy but here is a checklist;

a) To check if certificate of origin or some other export paperwork is needed for that country – contact the export docs team at your Local Chamber of Commerce.

b) To check whether the UK govt expects any licences given the nature of the product or the country it is going to – call the Export Control Organisation Help Line 020 7215 4594.

c) To check if there are recurring problems or issues with getting product to that country – ask your freight forwarder about their recent experiences.

d) To double check things, ask if your customer will contact the local customs department and confirm what paperwork they require.

e) For info on doing business in the Palestinian Territories then you could contact UKTI staff over there. They can signpost you to local help on legal, HR, tax or customs issues (I list all these since your project has both delivery and installation aspects):

Kind regards,

Steve Belshaw

Export Development Adviser, UKTI, East Midlands


Hello Warren
My name is Chris Willers and I run an export services company called Access to Export Ltd based near Cambridge. For this type of equipment you are likely to require a commercial invoice, packing list, EUR1 and/or Certificate of Origin, transport document and insurance document (if applicable under the terms of sale). If you raise an EUR1 you must ensure that the goods meet the applicable preferential origin rules. In addition your importer may need to obtain an import licence so this needs to be checked before shipment.
We can raise all the necessary documents on your behalf if required as well as arrange the shipment by any means of transport.
If you need any further assistance please feel free to contact me (tel 01223 890767 or [email protected])
Kind regards


Hi Warren,

I totally agree with Steve Belshaw’s reply on the necessary paper work. I’d also encourage you to contact the Palestinian Shippers’ Council to enquire about access and standard issues.

You may reach the Council on:
Muhannad Hamed
Tel: +972-2-2976286
Email: [email protected]

PS. There are cases where exporters should be more familiar with shipping goods that come under ‘dual use’ ones. The Council should be able to advice on that list.


Michael Jilleh
UKTI Jerusalem

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