Exporting to Norway – completing a pro-Forma Invoice for Customs


I recently sent a package to Norway containing 14 children’s nativity costumes. The company I booked the shipment through sent me pro-forma Commercial Invoices I had to complete and send with the package.

I did this, but have just received an email telling me the destination needs a new invoice, "with detailed description".

I completed the invoice stating things like "1 x Pink Striped Shepherd Costume Size Medium (12) £21.99" – any ideas what else they will need to know?

Many thanks


Not our area of expertise, but there can be a need for "origin". I think there was a previous question on this web site about labels.



As Norway is not in the European Union your client will have to clear the goods through Customs when the goods arrive. Therefore, they will need to have accurate information in order to identify what the goods are made of, in order to find the correct customs tariff code for the goods.
If you know the customs tariff code for the products (also called a "HS code") you should insert this – If you have previously imported the goods from outside the EU you may have this information. If not, you will have to give them accurate information about the composition of the material which the garments are made from (including percentages, where the goods are made from a mix of fibres).

If there are different items, with different textile ocmponsitions you will need to do a full itemisation.


Hi, Its dissapointing to see that other operatiors are not guiding you before and during the transit of your goods. This should have been explained to you before you sent the goods out. I alwasy take the time to call my customers and expalin what they need to do.

If you ever have anythign like this again please contact em and I will look after you.

[email protected]

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