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My company has been requested to supply a TFT monitor to a marine engineering company in Iran. Are there any export controls in force? We have not previously been requested to supply goods to Iran. Our products are approved for use in the commercial maritime industry. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


I am sure there are. Have a look at this link as a starter:



Dear Malcolm,
There are restriction on some items going into Iran but a TFT Montior is not listed as restricted. However, the goods may need an import license from the Ministry of Commerce and for some goods other ministries may be required to issue a permit. This is the responsibility of the importer.
In order to export to Iran you will need to have an "EC Certificate of Origin" prepared stamped by the chambers of commerce. If the shipment is valued at over $20,000.00 then a pre-shipment inspection will be required by an authorised agency.
I hope this answer is of some use, if you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Many thanks


Hi Malcolm
There are many controls on trade between UK and Iran but you also need to check situation with your Bank as some have restrictions and sanctions on trade with certain countries. For example we bank with Lloyds TSB and we have been told we cannot trade with any Iranian company or receive money from Iran, or our accounts would be closed. We used to do a lot of shipping by air and sea to Iran for one client but they also are Lloyds customers and have had to cease. There are certainly services to Iran but we can’t assist on this one, good luck.
Mike Barnes

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