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I am interested in exporting to Brazil and I need to know if there are any market reports that can give me an idea of the key markets and their size, in particularly medical equipment, aesthetic equipment, laser equipment. I also need to know more about how exporters are hedging against the brazillian currency fluctuations may thanks!


Hi Iza, Brazil is an attractive market for many companies, although their import procedures are not for the feignt hearted! If you don´t already have contact with UKTI, I would suggest getting in contact with them, as there are a range of services they can offer to help, including help with market visits/trade shows, their OMIS market reports (a paid service but can be very useful), they also provide advice and support through a network of International Trade Advisors, and run an excellent scheme called Passport to Export, which we have done ourselves and found invaluable. A major issue with selling to Brazil is communications, as you are likely to need access to documentation in Brazilian Portuguese, and to supply products for sale including labels and packaging, leaflets or other inserts and technical datasheets in Brazilian Portuguese. We translate regularly between English and Brazilian Portuguese (in both directions) and would be happy to discuss your requirements should you decide to enter the market. A good source of general statistical information about the country, is the CIA website, which has a lot of country data, obviously from a US perspective, on all major countres.

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A good question and a timely one. There are quite a few reports around regarding the healthcare sector in Brazil – here is a link to a recent example: http://www.ihs.com/products/global-insight/industry-economic-report.aspx?id=1065984194

As Mike has mentioned above, UKTI should be your first point of reference, they have specific sector managers in Brazil who can not only give you good data, but can also give you vital perspective on the market and the challenges involved in addressing it.

If you would like to know more and meet other companies interested in Brazil, I will be presenting UKTI’s ‘Doing Business in Brazil’ event as part of Export Week, in Birmingham on 15th November. Here is the link for information and booking: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/8713651767/efblike#!


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You can find a wealth of information, including several healthcare/medical tenders, on the UKTI Brazil website:


Here are some reports from reputable sources:





Here you candownload the @exporttobrazil free eBook containing 30 pages market info :


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