Exporting timber framed glass mirrors to the US


We currently import timber framed glass mirrors from China for the UK market and now looking to export these to the United States.

We would like to know what mandatory requirements exist for both the glass mirror and the timber frame?

Does the glass material need to meet a particular US standard, tested with certification and be marked?

Do we need to be able to demonstrate the timber used for the frame is from a sustainable source?

Please advise and many thanks.


In quick response to your question, the timber must be of a treated nature with a US Approved kitemark. As for the other bit, I have an office in the states I can ask for you.
If you can email me some further information I will do this for you and have an answer later today.

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I have to concur with Ian on this .The local USA authorities will certainly have industry standard approval requirements that have to be met- I can ask our local office – I would need the technical spec etc .If you wish to pursue this enquiry feel free to email me. [email protected]


I’ve never come across the requirement of a US kitemark on wood before, but you will need to complete a Lacey Act form for the USDA, where you declare the % of recyclable material that the wood originates from.

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