Exporting services in Greece to UK clients?


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I am hoping to get my business idea of the ground and am stuck with how to go about legally operating it in Greece.

At the moment it is set up as a UK registered limited company. I intend to pay any taxes here. At the moment I am not VAT registered, but this will be considered depending on turnover. My primary customer base will be UK nationals who wish to have destination weddings in Greece and therefore my payments from them will be in GBP. Eventually this may branch out into other international clients.

I will be arranging weddings and other similar events in Greece using Greek suppliers (venues, caters, photographers, make up artists, etc).

In a nut shell, as an UK registered company would I need to register for VAT/taxes to be paid in Greece as well as the UK? I have heard of some kind of electronic transfer of these but not too sure if I am thinking of the right thing. Are there any other legal requirements for me to comply with to operate in Greece?

Any help and advice would be massively appreciated.

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For advice on selling as a service and what VAT you need to charge, this webinar should hopefully give you some useful advice:


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Good afternoon

You may want to contact your local Enterprise Europe Network office in london Chamber of commerce for some advice on this. It is free of charge and they have information on VAT in Europe and can also connect you with Greek partners if this is of interest.

You can contact them on Tel +44 020 7489 1992, email: e[email protected]

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