Exporting sauce to non-EU countries


I have a commission to produce a custom chilli sauce to be used as a promo item for a UK based band. They will sell the sauce a) on their website, b) at concerts when on tour.
With regard to a), their key export markets are USA, Japan and Australia. All sales would be imported to those counties for personal use only (no resellers). The product contains no animal or dairy ingredients and the only ‘additive’ is isomerised hop extract. Are there any import restictions we need to be aware of?

With regard to b), I assume the band would be the importer, selling direct to the end users for personal use (this side of the issue is less urgent than the internet sales).

On a general note, if my products contain no animal or dairy ingredients or additives, and are always sold direct for personal use, are there any countries where I or my retailers might have problems?

Thank you.


Hello Ian,
In response to your questions – yes there will be restrictions and documentation requirements regardless of whether the item is sold over the internet or at concerts etc.

Each country will have different requirements and restrictions. You are selling a food product so you have to meet these requirements to get approval to import.


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Can anyone tell me what the "restrictions and documentation requirements" are? Everyone seems to think they exist but no-one has specific details. Is there not a central point of information for this sort of stuff? I got the link for this site from the FSA site, which simply had a link to DEFRA, which only talked about animal and dairy products. My local Chamber of Commerce were no more help and the Food and Drink Exporters Association have yet to respond to my query.

Please excuse me if I sound a little exasperated – I am; I’ve already spent the better part of a whole day on this question. Any constructive help would be very much appreciated.



We concur with the advice given above.

One source of centralised information you may find useful is the EU Market Access Database which gives comprehensive information about import conditions in third countries, procedures and formalities and details of tariffs that apply: http://madb.europa.eu/madb/indexPubli.htm

Sounds an exciting venture – good luck!

Sandra Sullivan

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