Exporting refuse derived fuel


We are looking to export refuse derived fuel to the continent. Because of our location in Cornwall we are particularly looking for buyers in Sapin and Portugal but are also interested in buyers in other EU countries. We know RDF is currently exported from the UK and we are looking for potential buyers ofbthis product


If you are looking for distributors or agents in EU markets, then you should speak to UKTI in your area (UKTI South West: http://www.ukti.gov.uk/export/unitedkingdom/southwest.html) and/or to your local Enterprise Europe Network team who could publish a partner search for you in your targeted country: http://www.enterpriseeuropesw.org.uk/swr/services/partner.asp?ContentID=013&BackTo=0&savemsg=&CustomMessage=
both UKTI and EEN work together in that region and you could benefit from both services. they can also try and source a list of potential direct end sellers in the countries you are interested in.
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Hi Kim

drop me a line we can look at the export potential of your residual waste, we have a number of off take agreements with Thermal Treatment plants in Europe .

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Have a german company looking for such products in bulk


Export Action Plan