Exporting pharmaceuticals to Eastern Europe by freight


We are in the process of obtaining our WDA(H) and will be dispatching pharmaceuticals from the UK to eastern europe.

1- i’m looking for a large freight forwarder who doesn’t sub contract out the delivery process.

2- Is there any value in trying to part organise the freight ourselves, or is it better to let the forwarder complete the whole process, including all the paperwork ?



My name is Maria and I work for an Export Packaging Company where we specialise in Export Packaging and freight Forwarding. The forwarding agents we work with are a Company called Excel shipping who handle everything for us and help our clients exporting all sorts of goods throughout the world. They do everything including all of the paperwork and they only use approved agents around the world to forward on goods if going door to door.
I would highly recommend them so if you would like some more information please feel free to call me on 01462 705390



Firstly, a GDP-rated provider even if subcontracted out some of the service would do so under an appropriate service level agreement, meeting GDP criteria.

I would select a forwarder *that is experienced with this freight*.

Of course, a dedicated vehicle and driver is also an option, depending on cost appetite.

The volume, specific destination, and whether passive/active refrigeration is required will determine the likely best transport method (air/courier/vehicle etc?). If cost is no object then the choice might be different,


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