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I market a Permethrin based product (registered with the HSE) for use against carpet moth on wool carpets and rugs.

I have had export enquiries from USA, Australia, South Africa, Israel and Europe.

How can I get my product registered in other countries so that I may export to them.

My product is registered for home use in the UK.
Thank you for your help.

Robert Aigin


Hallo, I am with UKTI Germany working to assist UK companies to export their goods.
I don’t currently know the answer to your question but will make a few phone calls and update you once I get the answer(s). Best regards Baerbel Asare


I was going to suggest contacting the respective trade desks within the embassy of the country you have an interest in. The UK based emabassies should be able to help or point you in a good direction. ‘Our man’ with UKTI Germany may take you down the same path. You could also approach the relevant UK Dept(s) in terms of licences being possibility needed? UK Home Office, BIS and / or DEFRA (as its is a pesticide?)



Hello Robert,

With regards to Australia, pesticides for agricultural use need to be registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA). If your product is not for use in agriculture it may instead be assessed by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification Assessment Scheme (NICNAS).
Only new industrial chemicals need to be listed with NICNAS however, so if your product is made up of already exisiting and listed chemicals then you do not need to notify NICNAS.

I did a search on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS) and Permethrin is already listed, so unless your product contains any other original chemicals you should be ok. The importer will need to be registered with NICNAS to be able to import chemicals.

I hope this makes sense. If you would like to send me some more detail on your product I can double check the regulatory position. My email is [email protected]

Best regards,


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