Exporting pet food from the UK to the USA


I have recently been told by a pet food manufacturer that there is a ban on exporting pet food from the UK into the USA due the BSE crisis of latter years.

However, when I read information on exporting goods from the UK to the USA on the DEFRA, gov.uk and FDA websites, there is no mention of this, and I find information on the process required e.g. completing a Export Health Certificate (EHC), USDA permit etc.

Therefore, can you inform me if there is a ban/restriction on the movement of pet food from the UK (and Europe in general) into the USA.
The pet food will be manufactured and labelled in line with FDA regulations and AFFCO guidelines.


Good morning Tamsin,

This isn’t something I have come across I must admit but the organisations you have mentioned would be the best people to ask on this, possibly starting with the FDA?

If you get the green light and it does come to exporting, I am pretty sure there is a form you will need to submit online via the FDA website. I can’t recall the form’s name but I’m sure I could do some digging if you needed. It is basically a pre-export notification form specific for foodstuffs and the FDA.

Be interested to know how you get on.



Thanks Simon. I’ll let you know.

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