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I have a small skincare business. I have no experience of export and would like to know which Middle East and Asian countries are the easiest ones to export to. I know there is not such thing as easy, I mean relatively easier than in others. Grateful for your advise.



Requirements vary greatly from country to country, and ultimately are dependent upon the type of products you are exporting.

Please could you supply further information on your products such as if they contain any controlled chemicals, active ingredients, animal byproducts etc? We can then look to establish which markets would be the easiest to get your products into.

Alternatively it may be worth subscribing to an international trade procedures guide such as Tates or Croners and cross referencing your products against each countries individual requirements/considerations. I know that one of these offers a 14 day free trail so you can get a feel for your potential markets without any immediate financial commitment.

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Thank you for your advice dear Gemma!

Is there an internally agreed list of controlled chemicals? or is this a British list?
No animal byproducts.
There is a large number of active ingredients – should I provide you with the full list?

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My apologies, I meant ‘is there an internationally agreed list of controlled chemicals?’

Thank you very much!


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