Exporting my products abroad? Which trade shows to choose for 2013?



I am a surface designer based in the UK. I am now looking to exhibit internationally to widen my customer base, Europe and Dubai spring to mind for my products. For the last two years I have taken part in 100% Design, London (September) and I have built up a brand that is now receiving worldwide exposure. My custom base at the moment is abroad and within the UK – mainly London. Abroad I have sold to USA/France/Germany/Amsterdam/Netherlands/Australia/Hong Kong to name a few. I have a fantastic licensing deal with a company in Korea, could this be another place to expand my prints onto other products?

So all in all not sure whether to focus my attention/budget this year on an international trade fair as opposed to London?

Any advice would be great. www.kirathghundoo.com (this is my website)

Many Thanks


Hi Kirath,

You have a lovely website, and although I can’t help you with the answer to your specific question, if you are ever in need of any translation of your website or marketing material (including SEO and PPC campaigns) then please let me know.

We would be happy to offer some free advice on how we can tailor your website and SEO to the relevant markets so you show up in the most relevant search results.

Just an idea – it may not be something you are considering at the moment, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are.

Best of luck with everything,


Thanks for your response Lauren, I’ll bear you in mind if this is something I would like to pursue with.



With such a quality product and such a professional presentation, I would be looking at markets with growth in terms of two categories:

1. Markets showing economic growth in terms of disposable income
2. Markets displaying growth in the housing and construction sectors

Good markets for both of the above are: UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and India.

Also, it may be worth looking at the luxury hotel sector as this is doing well both in terms of new build and refurbishments in Europe, especially Germany and France.

There are a few international exhibitions possibly worth noting. They are:
Expo Deco in Shanghai 01-04 April
Mosbuild 2013 in Moscow from 02-05 April
Index in Dubai from 20-23 May

Richard England

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