Exporting mobile phones into Turkey


I am currently exploring what licences (if any) and procedures I have to follow in order to export mobile phones to Turkey. I have a friend who has a resale company(fully licensed and registered – all above board!) in Istanbul who sources his phones mainly from Dubai at the moment. I am exploring the possibility of setting up my own company in the UK and to buy and then export handsets to my friend’s company. I am an accountant and understand all the company registration, vat implications etc – it is the export process I know nothing about. Could you tell me who I can contact to find out what I need to do etc.


Dear Helen
The nuts & bolts of exporting are fairly straightforward & there are many shipping companies that can provide a door to door service.

The difficult part will be marketing the products, because you can bet that all the mobile handset manufacturers will already have a complete distribution & sales network already set up in Turkey & will not welcome cheaper hand sets or other "grey" imports of their own brand, from other markets where they sell the same handset more cheaply.

If you want to do this on a very small scale you can probably get some handsets on the "grey" market in Dubai or elsewhere, import to the UK pay, import duty & UK VAT at the time of the import, then re-export to Turkey, reclaim VAT but not UK Import duty.

If you are serious about this & have enough capital, the best way would be to place an order with an independent original manufacturer in China but get them to place your own brand name on the handsets.

IMPORTANT ,there are no "spare" IPhone, HTC, Samsung Nokia or any other famous brand available from China. Any website offering these cheap knock offs are criminals & best avoided.

If you want any help setting this operation us we can advise & help.

Best regards

David Bill


Dear Helen,

please find below a contact in Turkey who can guide you about this issue:

International Relations Director
Uluslararası İlişkiler Direktörü
Guler&Dinamik Customs Consultancy Inc.

+90 212 657 41 41
+90 212 651 41 43

Best Regards
Nirva Altunkeser
UKTI Istanbul


There is a book ‘Exporting Made Easy’ which takes you through the typical ways of setting up exporting relationships. The website http://exporting-made-easy.com/ has some of the chapters and advice online.

ContractStore has a range of contract templates, including some with Chinese translations, such as http://www.contractstore.com/C134-chinese-license
You may find the detailed explanatory notes useful (scroll down on the contract page to see them) in learning about the things to look out for when setting up exporting arrangements. If you’d like guidance on suitable contracts you can reach us via the website or contact me via this forum.

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