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We are looking into exporting milk powder to Vietnam and I’m looking here to see if anyone can help with regards to buyers within Vietnam and the process to export this product.
Thanks in advance for any help!


Hello Rebecca
The Vietnam Food Administration regulates the import of foodstuffs into Vietnam, so you would first need to check your products meet Vietnamese rules, for example regarding additives, labelling, ingredients. If the milk powder is used in infant foods, there are additional requirements. There are also regulations on certification and testing.
I work in UK Trade & Investment in Bristol, so if you can contact me with more information about the products, I can put you in contact with our Trade Teams in Vietnam – they will also be able to help you to identify potential distributers. My contact number is 01275 370766.
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Dear Rebecca,

Below are key regulations on milk powder import to Vietnam.

1. Customs procedures:
– If the exporter/importer use traditional customs service, follow Point 2, Article 11 in Circular 194 http://www.dncustoms.gov.vn/web_english/english/btc/194_2010_TT_BTC_06_12_2010.htm
– If the exporter/importer use online customs service, follow Article 8 in Circular 196 http://www.customs.gov.vn/Lists/EnglishDocuments/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=1158&language=en-US

2. Food safety procedures:

2.1. Firstly, the exporter has to contact the Food Safety Agency under Ministry of Health (MoH) to clarify if their milk powder exports are to be tested and certified for import by MoH or Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT).

2.1.1. If the milk powder is functional food, such as for supporting slimming diets, and/or vitamin – added food, such as formula powder milk for infants, it must be tested and certified by MoH for importing to Vietnam. In this case, Food Safety Agency under Ministry of Health is the responsible office.
2.1.2. If the milk power is purely milk powder, such as an input for other milk products, it must be tested and certified by MOIT for importing to Vietnam. In this case, Department of Import – Export under MOIT is the responsible office.

2.2. Secondly, the milk powder must be cleared of any animal disease. So it must be tested and certified by the Department of Animal Health under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for importing to Vietnam.

3. It is always advisable that the Vietnamese importer should also contact the local customs office early to clarify if there are any other procedures required, then cooperate with the exporter to fulfill them.


Hello, my name is Andrey Mitin.
I do export sales of milk powder from the manufacturer.

A. Product : Full Cream Milk Powder (FCMP)
Whole milk powder (FCMP) 25% fat, 32-34% protein (3600 $ M/T)

Chemical standards :
Moisture max 5%
Milk fat max 26%
Titratable Acidity max 0,17%
Antibiotics negative
Solubility Index max 1,25 ml
Lactose min 38%
Protein min 32%
Ash max 9%
Origin: Ukraine

Flavour and odour : in dry form or on re-lequification, powders is sweet and desirable flavour, but may possess the following flavour to a slight degree: chalky, cooked and flat.

Apperance: Entirely free from lumps.

Colour: White or cream, free from brown or yellow, colour typical or overheating free from other brown specs.

Packing: ply Kraft paper bags with reasonably thick poly liner of 25 Kg Net each and the powder cannot comes out from the bags and will be shipped in dry box marine containers.

B. Product: Skimmed Milk Powder
Skimmed Milk Powder, wich contains 1,5% fat, 32-34% protein (3300 $ M/T)
Quality SMP Standart
Moisture max 5%
Milk fat max 1,50%
Titratable Acidity max 0,17%
Solubility Index max 1,25 ml
Protein min 32%
Lactose min 51%
Minerals approx 8,5%
Ash max 9%
Antibiotics negative
Odor clean
Flavour sweet
Origin: Ukraine
Appearance white, slightly yellowish
Shelf Life 8 months
Packing 25 kgs 4-ply paper bags with PE liner

Contact: [email protected]
a.mitin1 (Skype)
Country: Ukraine

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