Exporting Meat to India


We have had an enquiry about a possible business opportunity in India.

I need to know what the processes involved would be, e.g would we need an export licence, what sort of tariffs would we have to pay, what documentation is required. etc…


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I hope you get an answer to your question shortly.

In the meantime, I recommend also looking at the Institute of Export and International Trade’s helpdesk for more specific advice:




You can lookup official EU advice on trade with India based on the tariff/commodity code for meat here:

However, I would advise caution as the list of documents is pretty generic in my opinion and it’s very likely only some will be required.  You should ask your customer or importer in India if they have any document requirements and it will likely be an invoice, Certificate of Origin and perhaps a health certificate because of the food element.

In case useful you can raise these documents via our online tool e-z Cert at for www.e-zcert.co.uk/uk for the Certificate of Origin and e-z Consign for a wide range of other documents at http://www.4-exim.com

Come back to us if you require any further help.



Meat/meat products will normally need an export health certificate, signed by an official veterinary surgeon, to be exported. This will confirm details such as country of origin, health status, hygiene standards etc.

I can see that currently only pig and poultry meat is on the list of available health certificates for India – please see http://www.amivetexports.co.uk/export-certification/ for the full list worldwide.

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Andrew Iveson

Official Veterinarian, Amivet Exports

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