exporting liquids( like moisturisers) out of Ireland to worldwide


Hi all,

Just a quick question.

I run a small Ebay Shop, and have found that An Post will not accept my parcels, if they contain liquids going outside of Ireland.

My inlaws live in Northern Ireland, and it’s not a problem to send them via Northern Ireland, using Royal Mail.
The inlaws are quite old, and don’t want to bother them, so was wondering if there is service up North that you can bulk ship to and they then dispatch to wherever it is going, via Royal Mail.

If anyone knows, I’d love to hear.




Some liquids are prohibited from postage via Royal Mail or other domestic mail services:


You may wish to use a courier such as DHL which will happily deliver the goods for you:


I hope this helps.

Kind regards

Gemma Price
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Hi Gemma,

Thanks for getting back to me.
Luckilly creams like moisturisers, are not in the restricted list, so they can be shipped worldwide with Royal Mail.
As I am based in Southern Ireland, I have no direct access to Royal Mail, and was looking for a company/individual that would simply receive my ( probably large parcel that contains a few prelabled small packets) to post them for me by Royal Mail, as using a courrier would drive up the posting price so high, it’s not worthwhile.

If there were a company in the North that would do this( for a small fee) I would like to find out!

I really appreciate your answer!


Hi, If you do a search on "pick and pack"…and possibly add "Northern Ireland", I’m pretty sure you’ll find a company that could do what you want…a number of e-commerce people use them (e-bay sellers etc)…ie they accept a pallet of your goods and then break them down and distrubte them to your customers using post/various services.

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