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What licenses do I need to sell wholesale alcohol to Hong Kong?

Are there any licenses other then AWRS, either to sell alcohol or export that I need?


Hi Jake

its best to speak to your local Trade Adviser the no you need is 0207234 3000
they should be able to help with what docs,Licences you need,Once ready to ship we can arrange shipping for you.Please let me know if you need any more help or need a quote

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There is not normally a UK export licence required for alcohol. However you need to establish what status the goods have? Are they Duty (Excise) paid goods or is the Excise duty currently suspended. That will make a difference in the type of export process you or the supplier will have to take. In that will it be NES and EMCS declarations or just NES. that will cover the UK export customs process. You will have to find out from either the UK embassy in HK, / HK embassy in the UK. Or the chamber of Commerce if there any IMPORT restrictions / controls in Hong Kong for alcohol, including duties and taxes. That will have to be agreed between the seller and buyer who pays that!
I hope that helps.

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