Exporting LED light bulbs



I have an export order for LED light bulbs which I am trying to fulfil.

I need to connect with European light bulb manufacturers, ideally with low price points.

Can anyone help here?

Thank you.


hi Nabil
please take a look at the following partner search website from Enterprise Europe London.
You can search with keywords and there should be quite a few European LED light bulbs manufacturers looking for long terms partners for your review. if you see any profile of interest, contact your local EEN office which will get you in touch with the European companies by expressing an interest on your behalf:
Enterprise Europe Network London
Shand House
14-20 Shand Street, London, SE1 2ES
E: [email protected]
T: 020 7089 2330

this service is free of charge.
Kind regards
Mathilde Murphy


Hi Nabil,

Please send complete details of what you require on [email protected] and I will try to come back to you with a price.

Kind regards

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