Exporting IT equipment to Australia


I have an opportunity to export a customer engineered data storage system to an Australian Customer who will then use the equipment in Papua New Guinea.

I need advice on export controls and on any import duties and restrictions that might apply to this transaction.

At this stage, I consider this to be a one-off opportunity rather than generating repeat business or opening a new market for our company.



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We regularly send out one-off pieces such as this for our customers, to a range of locations across the globe. If you’d like to send me over the product description or commodity codes if you have them, and I can look into this for you? My email is [email protected]

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As a first step, you need to ascertain whether the system is subject to export controls. If it’s a fairly standard system then it’s unlikely, if it’s specifically designed or modified for a military use or very high tech with lots of encryption then it may well be. Do you have any experience working with the control lists ?



Information on the Customs requirements for exporting is given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be viewed on the GOV.UK website at www.gov.uk by typing ‘Notice 275’ in the search box and selecting the following links from the search results: > Notice 275 “Customs export procedures” a guide to UK export procedures using the National Export System.

Further detailed information regarding exporting goods outside the EU can be found by using the following link https://www.gov.uk/exporting-goods-from-the-eu-to-a-third-country-outside-the-eu

I would also advise that you contact the Australian Customs Authorities to ascertain if they have any import restrictions and prohibitions.

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