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Hi there, we are totally new to the world of exporting and hopefully there is someone who can shed some lights here.

We have sufficient funds to buy some home appliances, however, we’re stuck in the first place which is contacting suppliers. We have tried to contact some top brands, but it appears that they do not take us seriously. Quite honestly, we don’t know where and how to start or contact them.

Any advice on how to contact or approach these suppliers is greatly appreciated.


Hi there,

I hope you get an answer to your question shortly.

In the meantime, I recommend also looking at the Institute of Export and International Trade’s helpdesk for more specific advice:


The OTE team


Hi, folks.

Daniel Waldron here, Head of Content for Export Worldwide – an online, international market portal that helps businesses sell their products and servcies in up to 20 languages representing 84% of world trade.

Great question – I think you find yourself in a ‘catch 22’ situation. For suppliers to take you seriously, you need proof that there are international markets you can sell into – where there is demand for their brand. Suppliers will be highly protective of their reputation and wary of you selling their products into international markets.

You need a ‘proof element’. For them to take you seriously you need to demonstrate that you’ve got a customer base to sell to and that you will protect their interests.

However, in order to market their products, you need to get your hands on them. I think you need to do a lot of research into markets where home appliances are in demand and then offer a solid strategy that shows how your suppliers will benefit.

Hope my answer helps,


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