Exporting goods to countries outside of the EU


It seems very difficult to establish the exact export documentation required for each country.

Please could you guide us?


Dear Penny,

It varies from Country to Country, if you want to email me some details I would be happy to assist, advise and quote you for any up and coming shipments you may have. There are certain publications Croners Export Guide being a very good one, you have to pay a yearly subscription fee. Also if you have overseas clients wanting your goods, you can always ask them to supply you with details of what documents they require to clear the goods on arrival and to adhere to any Country regulations.

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Hi Penny,

There is no easy answer to this question as a document set can vary based on the type of goods, destination country, transport method, type of sale (e.g. Letter of Credit) and even per customer in the same country.

When training we often find variations in the documents a customer wishes to produce but the most basic requirement would include an export invoice and packing list. For some countries you may also require a Certificate of Origin which can be applied for online using our system and your local Chamber of Commerce

As a company we’re been helping UK exporters produce the correct paperwork for nearly 30 years, using documents in an internationally agreed format. From the full set we offer our system allows you to setup a batch of documents and then associate it to a customer/destination. The system also allows you to produce any export document from the same set of data so when you get asked for the less common documents it’s always there without any extra work.

We’re based in Shepton Mallet so if you wanted to discuss further please drop me a line. We’re solely about the document process so not wishing to impact your freight arrangement.

Hope this is helpful.

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Hello Penny,
It may help you to remember that you have to prepare documentation for the export and documentation to facilitate the import. In some cases one document will fulfil both roles but in many cases different documents are required.

Take a look at http://madb.europa.eu/madb/indexPubli.htm as this may help you with the requirements for your products and your chosen countries.



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