Exporting furniture to Tahiti, French Polynesia


A customer has ordered beds and bedroom furniture items which are to be sent, via a shipping agent, to Tahiti, French Polynesia.

What steps do I need to take in order to export goods to Tahiti?
What forms/procedures do I need to complete?


Dear Paula
Please advise number of packages , weight and cube and we will advise
UK charges and freight charges that would be incurred in the shipping of your
products to Tahiti. Please reply direct to our email address colin.crown@ntlworld.com
or phone us on 01263 513127
Many thanks
Best regards
Colin ; Crown Freight


Dear Paul
(I) Find the correct Tariff Classification Code and Commodity Code,( as if this is wrong there can be delays at customs and a penalty could be issued) this in order to find out whether you will need a licence or not. This can be done by calling the Tariff Classification helpline on 01702 36607.
(ii) Certain commodities are considered “Non Document” and need to be accompanied by an invoice and in some cases, additional customs documentation. This can be obtained from your local Chamber of Commerce.
(iii) Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Albion House, Savile Street Sheffield S4 7UD. Telephone 0114 201 8888 or e-mail the International Trade Department at:
(iv) You can also call UKTI on 0300 456 3565 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm for advice.
(v) For French Polynesia (Tahiti) you will need an Admission of Taxes form which is a DT7351 and a DT7350 which again can be supplied by HMCR or your Chamber of Commerce.
(vi) Also ask your Chamber of Commerce to check and stamp EUR1 Movement Certificates.
(vii) Other information for international documents may be obtained from Acorn Active telephone 0845 498 9408 or e-mail enquiries@acorninterative.co.uk.


(viii) Find out if there is a "Trading Agreement" with French Polynesia, as one needs to know whether the exports from the EC are allowed to enter the country at a reduced or nil rate of duty. find out the origin of the product which must have EC preferential origin and therefore must have met the required origin rules. To find out about this you can call the HMRC National Advice Services and VAT Helpline on 0845 010 9000.
(ix) There are two different ways to declare preferential origin EUR1 Certificate and to look into the facility in most agreements to use a declaration on the invoice with a legally approved form of words as an alternative. This can either be a low value declaration available to any exporter or one Approved Exporter where no limit applies.

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