Exporting from Poland to outside the EU


We currently buy a number of products from a factory in Poland for sale in the UK. But we would like to purchase certain products from the factory in Poland and then sell them outside of the EU for example to Israel.
We would like to know what regulations we would need to adhere to and what documents we would need to be to export outside the EU. The goods we purchase from the Polish factory are all timber based products such as log cabins and summerhouses.
Would anyone be able to advise us or point us in the right direction for information about this?


hi Adam
anything coming out of the EU single market whether from UK or Poland becomes an export. currently your products are not strictly exports if you purchase them from Poland and sell in the UK.
In principle, the procedure and paperwork should be the same whether the goods are exported directly from Poland or indirectly via the UK. however, it is best to seek advice on what will be best for your company in your specific circumstances.
In order to check the customs, duties and paperwork related the goods you export to e.g. Israel, I suggest you first look at the market access database, using the correct tarriff code for your product: http://madb.europa.eu/madb
Get in touch if you need help using the database.
For advice on the best way to carry out the export, please call me/UKTI to discuss on 0845 6419955
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Hi Adam
genrally for Israel you would require an EUR1 for any european manufactured goods, please feel free to visit our website as we offer an export documentation service which may help you. www.cdn-consular.co.uk

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Hi Adam

you can find some useful information from the Israeli websutes below:

and especially this page: http://www.moital.gov.il/NR/exeres/ADE1812D-CF28-4109-A90A-0E11E88F0D32.htm

I hope it helps


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