Exporting from Hungary within the EU


We currently buy a number of products from a factory in Hungary for sale in the UK. But we would like to purchase certain products from the factory in Hungary and then sell them in Europe.

We would like to know what regulations we would need to adhere to and what documents we would need to export within the EU. At the moment we are looking in particular in moving goods from Hungary to Romania.

Would anyone be able to advise us or point us in the right direction for information about this?


Hi Adam

Well the great thing about the EU is that exports do not exists (you export when the goods go from the EU from outside of the EU).

When you move products inside Europe around Europe, then if you are able to sell them in one country in theory you should be able to sell them in any of the other EU Member states without any extra burden (free movement of goods idea).

That said there could be slight differences depending on the product you offer. What kind of product are you selling? If it is health related there might be local requirements.

Does the product carry a CE mark? If yes then, the various EU countries will accept it.

This is a very general answer and if you have some specifics you might be able to get a better answer from here.

I hope it helps



Hi Adam, you don’t say what products are involved, but you may well need labels and packaging, product manuals etc to be translated into Romanian. For example we work a lot with food packaging, and all countries within the UK will have legal information such as ingrediants lists, warnings etc to be in the language or languages of the country exported to. This is best practive anyway from a marketing point of view. Have you ever bought a product and found the instructions not to be in English, it’s incredibly annoying to a customer. With regards to the specifics of export documentation, many chambers of commerce offer an export documentation service. This tends to be tailored to exports from the UK, but they may well be a good first source of information re exporting from Hungary to Romania. UKTI may also be able to help, as they have sector specialist trade officers in embassies and consulates around the world. Many are locally employed staff, so in Hungary, may well be able to signpost you on where to go for help.

Hope this is useful.

Kindest regards

Mike Hunter


Good point on labels especially for Food products

Export Action Plan