Exporting from another EU country to a non EU customer


We are a fastener distributor who import products from both within and outside the EU.
We have a customer who wishes to collect from our CZ source and have delivery direct to Jordan, to save time and transport costs
What documents and approvals will we need to provide to the CZ Customs to allow the goods to leave the EU?
Will we need a UK export licence?
Can we get a UK chamber of commerce certificate of origin


Hi – here are some brief tips, you will need more details
1. Documents from CZ to Jordan – same paperwork requirements as from the UK
2. CZ customs requirements – you will have to have an export declaration made out of CZ and you will require a CZ EORI/VAT number to do this
3. What Incoterms Rule will apply? Hopefully not ExWorks
4. Export licences – are the goods on the dual-use or military list? In other words do you need a licence to send the goods out of UK to Jordan? If dual-use you can apply for an export licence in the UK to ship out of CZ. If military goods you need to apply for an export licence in CZ as these are national controls.
5. Yes a UK Chamber of Commerce certificate is normally ok, though Jordan can require a CofO certified by the Embassy – what in the UK we would call an Arab-British CofO. You need to check with your customer in Jordan as they will be the ones with the potential problems/delays if you get the forms wrong.

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You should contact the Customs Authorities in the Czech Republic to ascertain their export requirements.

HM Revenue & Customs
Customs International Trade & Excise

Export Action Plan