Exporting fish as petfood ingredient to the USA


We are part of a group, the European arm of the business already export to the US so we have a customer base.
The product we want export is frozen minced fish and it is to be used as an ingredient of petfood

I need to know what is needed in terms of approval. I have been sent forms from DEFRA, but I need guidance on how we ensure the product is expected etc


It is likely your European colleagues may be aware of the requirements if already operating that particular supply route. You’ll require an EHC Export Health Certificate, likely to be similar to 7709EHC covering animal feed of animal origin to US. The APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) will need to send you an application form if you wish to use this certificate. For US import requirements we advise you speak to your customer or ensure your trading terms specify you’re not responsible for the import procedures i.e. incoterms FOB UK Port or CIF US port. For further assistance please contact us via www.e-customs.com for a quote for our consultancy services.
I hope that helps.

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