Exporting edible insects to Germany


Hi. Is anyone familiar with the import conditions for Germany pertaining to (six-legged) Products of Animal Origin? I have a potential customer there but, because EU regs on insects aren’t harmonised yet, am having difficulty getting good current information.



This is not a sector we have direct experience of but understand that insects are considered "novel" foods by the EU

These link may help you understand more.



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Sandra Sullivan
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Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.

My understanding is that the designation of insects as novel foods won’t come into force until the end of 2017, so we are currently in something of a transition period. I know that each country in the EU has quite different regulations regarding the import of insects but can’t locate anything about the German import conditions with regard to produce that’s been through the UK inspection/CVED process.

I’ll drop an email to APHA as you suggest.

Many thanks.


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