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Good Evening.

I have been asked by several local independent Micro Brewers to explore to possibility of Exporting their products. I am aware that the US is a good starting point due to the popularity of this particular product, and maybe Australia with the large Ex Pat population. I am looking for any help/advice/info on a starting point of contact. Any help is gratefully appreciated.

I will also hopefully be combining any potential clients abroad with some contacts I have made from companies in the Food industry also keen to explore the export market

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Hi Gary

Thank you for your question.

Its great to hear you are now exploring export to the US aswell as Europe.

You may wish to review your previous question on exporting beer and make contact with the community members who offered support with the US market:


Also, here is a case study of a small scale British brewer who has achieved export success in the United States:


Best of luck with market entry.

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Hi Gary,

I am a foreign exchange broker with Currency UK, partners of the Institute of Export. I manage the international trade for quite a few companies in the wine, spirits and beer trade.
If you would like to talk about how to protect your profit margins when trading overseas, please give me a call on 020 7738 0777.

I’d suggest the markets available to you are more numerous than you mentioned and you wouldn’t need to rely on ex-pats. Globally, consumers are testing their palates and people now fill their baskets with multiple products, not just a homogeneous 6 pack.

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I run a small law firm in Chicago that focuses on in-bound business and have some recent experience advising a UK brewer on bringing their products into country. Happy to talk further to see if we can help support what you are trying to do.


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