Exporting craft beer to Brazil – tips?


Dear friends,

During my 15 years career in advertising I’ve built many contacts in the craft beer industry, both in my native Brazil and in UK where I have lived for the past 4 years.

The appetite for craft beer in Brazil has increased significantly in the past decade and it is estimated to pass the 10% market share in the next few years. Considering it’s one of the largest global beer markets, the opportunity is tremendous.

I’ve been thinking about setting up a business to export craft beer to Brazil, but I am a an adman and total layman in your filed, so I wonder if any of you could shed some light on where should I start.

Thank you so much,


Good Morning Beto,
Moving craft beers in duty suspension require you to be approved with HMRC in the first instance and also underpinned with securities whilst in transit etc and can therefore be problematic

With that said, I have just assisted a similar start-up to do exactly this to a different destination and can guide you through the whole process and provide the logistical support to move the beer from the UK breweries to Brasil

If you would like to discuss your ideas further please contact me on 01394695293

Best Regards
Rob West


Hi Beto,

We can certainly help you with the labelling, collation and shipping of the beer. We have all the machinery that we can re-wrap the units so they are sent as if they came off the production line. We deal with many exporters that send their goods to us to be over labelled to ensure the are compliant to be sold in the country the are destined for. Working with our customers as well as the end customer we can ensure all the translations are correct. We send many containers to the Far East as well as truck loads to Mainland Europe as well as Norway and Sweden.

Please do get in touch and we can chat further of how we can help.

Kind regards, Mark

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