Exporting costume jewellery to China


We make and sell handmade designer costume jewellery using plated metals and natural stones . A small Chinese boutique have made (and paid for) a wholesale order and I need to ship it to Shanghai.

However when checking DHL for the commodity code i noticed it says no jewellery to China.? Is this correct? Does it just mean precious metal jewellery and precious gemstones or all jewellery.

Any advice appreciated as I need to sort this out. I have shipped before to Hong Kong about 5 years ago without a problem .



Have you tried seeking advise from UK Trade & Investment? They have advisors who may be able to help. There is a China guide here:
on it contains both a general contact for support and a specific section on Retail which I thought might be appropriate.



Hi, for the commodity code please take a look at this link, I have used the gov.uk website and entered ‘jewellery’ in the search bar:


Hope this helps!


I think that prohibtiion would be if you are not an account holder with DHL. They do restrict high value jewelery for account holders as well, but other than that if you open an account with them. They look as if they will then cionsider it.

The alternative would be to ‘shop around’ for transport options

You could try www.customsinfo.com as a possible source of info on restricted goods. Or the British Embassy in China

Export Action Plan