Exporting Cosmetics to the Middle East and Country of Origin Requirements


I an working in behalf of a cosmetics supplier who wants to place their products in the Middle Eastern Market.

I understand that the different Gulf State have different registration requirements. My main question is regarding country of origin. The cosmetics are manufactured in various different European countries, e.g. Germany, France and the UK. The cosmetics supplier and RP for European Cosmetics Regulations is UK based.

Would I be able to obtain an Arab certified certificate of origin, from the British Chamber of Commerce for all of the products, or would I have to get the certification done in the county of manufacture?

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Hi Helen,

Have you spoken to your local Chamber of Commerce in Burgess Hill? They are the best people to advise as they would issue the Certificate of Origin. You can contact them on 0844 375 9551.
You mention an Arab Certificate of Origin, which is appropriate for Arab League States, but just to clarify that there is a British Chamber of Commerce who are the authority on EC Certificates and the Arab British Chamber of Commerce for Arab certificates. Both organisations give authority to local Chambers of Commerce to issue the documents.

My understanding is that the Certificate of Origin, whether EC or Arab, should detail the countries of manufacturer and you will be asked to provide evidence to support your application. That may be in the form of an overseas Certificate of Origin or it can be alternative evidence like a letter from the manufacturer, an invoice, website addresses, etc.

You can apply only for both certificates via your local chamber using www.e-zcert.com where you also find relevant information and guidance.

Please feel free to drop me a line if I can be any further help.
Ian James


Typo above: You can apply online for both certificates ….


Hi Helen
The general rule is that most Middle East areas require a legalised Arab Certificate of Origin and commercial invoice. The Certificate of Origin can be produced in the UK as long as there is documentary evidence of actual country of origin. The costs for these certificates vary depending on the value of the product and the final country of destination.

It is also worth noting that certain companies within the Middle East (perhaps your customers) may prefer not to have a Certificate of Origin due to the cost. In these situations your customer will deal with local customs issues associated with having no Certificate of Origin. In some areas these can be customs fines which are less money than obtaining a Certificate of Origin from the UK. UAE is one area where this is quite common.

If you need further assistance I’m happy to help.

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