Exporting copper scrap to india – need help


I have client in india who is ready to place order with me . Also i have found good sellers from UK and EU. So can you please guide me step by step.


Scrap metal imported into India is regulated by the Indian authorities. It must have been inspected in the country of supply. If we may assist you with this please call us on 020 8277 7703 and we will be happy to help



Many shipping lines do not like to ship full container loads of scrap (due to ISO shipping container damage risk), whereas the handful that do generally provide decent rates but availability can be tricky. Source a good shipping line/forwarder first and see if they would provide you some free advice as part of their service.

In general terms, consider the 4 main contracts of international trade and make sure they align and at least do not contradict one another:

– Trading contract (e.g. between you and seller and/or buyer)
– Carriage contract (e.g. with freight forwarder/shipping line)
– Insurance contract (who insures in case of loss/damage)
– Finance contract (is there payment trust or will you use a payment protection mechanism with the banks)


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