Exporting Construction site safety device


I am a co creator of a new innovative device which provides an alternative method of protection against impalement on reinforced steel bars on construction sites . We have had positive interest from a number of large construction companies within the UK but believe our product has massive global potential , therefore I am interested in receiving guidance on exporting and also hoping to network with useful contacts that may be able to open up opportunities abroad.


Hello Warren, I would strongly recommend that you look into exhibiting at one (or more) of the international trade shows for the construction sector. Small to medium companies can often get support through UKTI grants to make this an affordable form of market research. Big shows in Germany will attract trade visitors from all around the world allowing you to get direct feedback from a number of countries in one venue. The website AUMA.de has a detailed database of relevant shows. Also for the Middle East you should consider the Big 5 shows.


Thanks Kimberly. I will certainly look into this option. I certainly feel an established large core accessory distributor would be ideal for us . As long as the safety culture is ready and product spec is suitable , there is no reason why WISAblock couldn’t be a feasible option.



I am sure that Mexico’s ambitious infrastructure plan for this year could represent a lot of interesting opportunities for you.

Please let me investigate how we can help you through the Chamber membership and with the support of UKTI.

Would you be available for a call sometime next week?

Please feel free to drop me a mail to laura.atkinson@britishbusiness.mx

Kind regards

Laura Atkinson

British Business Centre Mexico

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