Exporting Confectionery to the U.S.A.


Hi, we are in the process of taking our brand concept of confectionery to the U.S.A.
I was hoping for information on the procedures of
1. Special invoice declarations
2. Special labelling requirements

Also any advice on taxes and duties for Exporting to U.S and duties involved. I am aware of the F.D.A. and some of the requirements. I would like to make sure I have as much information as possible and spoken to the relevant agencies.

I have looked at some of the older posts on similar topics and have contacted some of the people….unfortunately finding it difficult to speak to someone or no reply to the emails.

Would be easier if there was one organisation who could guide you through the process of exporting to countries. All I am finding is that there are so many different organisations that hold the relevant information or advice on different matters, which makes it all rather confusing.

If ayone can help on this subject matter this would be very helpful.



Hi Zak, can’t help on the special invoice declarations question, but on labelling requirements I have a few comments. Please note that I am not a legal expert, and these general comments given in good faith, you are likely to need specialist compliance advice. We specialise in food label translation, and work with compliance companies who have the specialist expertise to ensure compliant packaging. Some general thoughts:
1) FDA labelling requirements are often quite different to European, the likelyhood is that you will need US specific packaging to be compliant.
2) If you decide to market to Canada as well as the US, you will also need Canadian French on pack, with equal prominence to the English.
2) If you have additional languages other than English, the US also has requirements regarding equal prominence, this may be a problem if you have international packaging for a number of markets, and want to include the US.
On the more general issues of exporting to the US, UKTI are the most obvious organisation to talk to, they have specialist food and drink sector specialists in many parts of the UK. They also have in-country staff in the US and many other countries.

Hope this is helpful

Mike Hunter
betterlanguages.com Ltd.


Hi Zak,

We currently work with a range of customes to help them with their labelling requirements. We are the ones that actually print and apply the labels to the products to conform with the destination countries law. We have in the past exported confectionery on behalf of one of our customers to the US and on that we had to produce and Nutritional Table label as this is one of the requirements. We can certainly help you supply, print, apply and load containers in the future.

Like Mike mentioned its probably best to speak to the UKTI as they will more than likely have all the answers but by all means drop me a line and we can chat further if you think we can be of any help.

kind regards, Mark


Hi Zak,
If you need any help from the U.S. Side please let me know.
Happy to help where I can

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