Hi, just wanted to ask a question. I am in the process of sending confectionery to Dubai. All the products have been checked and do not Contain any gelatine. I have also sorted the free sale certificates. I have also translated the English labels in to Arabic as requested in the guidlines by the DM.

I know that with new products you have to get them registered using the F.I.R.S. system by uploading each product label which has been translated in to arabic and then having that approved which is then registered. With over 800 lines to upload on to the system can I ask how long does it take the DM to approve a product once the photo has been uploaded on to the F.I.R.S. system?

Also If I have missed anything out can someone tell me that I have covered every base in regards of the requirements of the DM.

Any advice would be really helpful.


Hi Zak

The Dubai Municipality’s guide to imported food procedures can be downloaded here – http://bit.ly/1gxAYUg

We also recommend viewing the EU Market Access database for any updates on exporting to the UAE. You can search by your tariff codes to ensure accuracy http://madb.europa.eu/madb/indexPubli.htm

Good luck



Hi John, yes you did provide contact details. I contacted a few departments unfortunately two of the emails bounced back undelivered. So either they are incorrect or the people are no longer working there. I did email another department and again no luck with a response.

They do not make things easy which makes the whole process rather frustrating. Hence me asking a question on the website. I have tried phoning also and the phone just rings.
Zak Butt


Hi Zak,

Im sure you may have it covered already but you will have to have each individual item labelled with the translations that you have already have had done. do you have a packer that can do this for you as we currently perform this kind of work for item going to the far east and down under. we supply, print. apply and re-wrap / re-package and load containers and i just wondered if we could be of any service you going forward?

please feel free to drop me a line to discuss.

kind regards, Mark Nineham

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