Exporting classification numbers


someone who can advise me on exporting classification numbers and advise if our software is exempt. Through partnering with the US company, that is going to be a reseller for our business, we need to identify if our software product requires a classification from the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) in the US. However I cannot get through to anyone there.



Have a chat with your local UKTI – they will be able to ask our Embassy in the US to find out for you. They may well have the answer at their fingertips as they will have supported a number of companies like yours into the market. Go to ukti.gov.uk – click export then put in your postcode and call the number. Someone will come and see you.

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Hi Rachel, I’m an ITA with UKTI in Staffordshire, Please feel free to call me on 01782 224409 and we can assist you with your enquiry. Your ITA is Rob Lawley and he is on annual leave at the moment so if I can be of assistance in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me. Rob will be back tomorrow. (Thurs 14th) and can be reached on 01782 224407.

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Hi Rachel,

We’re in touch via email "offline" but just wanted to reiterate that we’ll do a little digging here and see what we can find out for you from BIS (US Department of Commerce).

We’ll be in touch shortly.

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Sue Marsden
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