exporting Chicken feet to Vietnam


I am currently setting up to export to Vietnam. however there are many arise there several uncertainty which is holding me back from carrying out the business:

1: Do you need a business license to buy chicken feet in the UK as the farmer are forbidden by law to sell them for human consumption.
2: what are the paper work that to get custom clearance. the most confusing out of all is that there are no Export Health Certificate (EHC) issued by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) for vietnam. I have called UKIT as well as Defra and they both said that i do not need an export license for this type of good, however it seem to me that the agent who i talked with are not very certain with their answer
3: I have made contract with a few poultry processing factory but they seem to be very reluctant to sell chicken feet. It would be a great help if anyone could direct me to the right supplier.



We have had quite a few people asking about chicken feet in the past. See the link below, which might help.




Dear Anh,

In order to export meat (including chicken feet) outside of the EU an export health certificate is required. With countries like Vietnam a certificate must be agreed by the UK authorities (Defra) and the Vietnamese authorities before any exports can take place.

The export health certificate will agree on the conditions required of the product for export. With some markets the slaughterhouses in the UK must be approved by the authorities in the export market to provide assurances that the product has been produced in line with their standards.

At the present time the UK does not have an export health certificate agreed with Vietnam. An export health certificate is required in order to export to Vietnam.

Warm regards,

Katie Doherty
Policy & Operations Manager
The International Meat Trade Association


Hello Anh,
Processors I’m aware of in the UK are;
Sun Valley (Cargill Group)
Two Sisters
Western Brand (Northern Ireland)
You may have already tried them as they are the largest.
If you need help with shipping/forwarding to Vietnam please let me know.
Kind regards
Simon Thompson

Managing Director

Export Action Plan