Exporting Cheese to Libya


We are looking at exporting our cheese from the UK to Libya and are finding it confusing understanding what paperwork is required.

Does we need a Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin etc?

Thank you


Hi Jane,

I believe that you will require a health certificate for food exports and it would usually be your local council that can supply these.

For the Certificate of Origin I would suggest you take guidance from your customer or import agent abroad as to whether one is required. You can easily apply online via www.e-zcert.com using your local Chamber of Commerce. If you don’t already have a relationship with your local Chamber then they will require you to complete a Formal Undertaking document and provide supporting evidence (e.g. an invoice and manufacturer details, if not yourself) for each application for a certified document.

Hope this helps.

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Ian James.



Just to add to Ian response…

Certificate of Origin:

An Arab-British Certificate of Origin is generally required, however you will need to check with the importer (an EC Certificate of Origin might be sufficient).

Other Certificates:

Foodstuffs must be accompanied by a Health Certificate (which you’ll get from DEFRA: http://www.defra.gov.uk/animal-trade/exports-non-eu/) and exports of milk and milk products to non-EU countries must be accompanied by a Declaration Origin (Dioxin) issued by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) in the UK.

The above certificates may require certification by the Arab British Chamber of Commerce and legalisation by the Libyan Embassy — again, check your contract terms. If required this can be arranged through your local Chambers of Commerce.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Jane

You may find utilising an expert logistics provider useful in these circumstances. One such company that I am aware of is Reefer 90`s – aka – Reefer Distribution Services Ltd 01787 882344 they specialise in food especially dairy products to Africa and other regions. Ask for Katy and mention my name.

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