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I am looking to export second hand used cars from the UK to Kenya. Can i please be advised of current demand and also how all the shipping process works?

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If you are looking to export cars from Uk to kenya ,the demand will depend on the type car you would to import from the Uk and for what use.
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Dear All,

Thank you for your enquiry on the importation of second-hand vehicles into the Kenyan market. There is a surging middle class that is demanding for second had European vehicles and with the improvement of the road infrastructure, the demand continues to grow. Pursuant to the provisions of legal Notice 78 of 15/07/2005, KEBS has signed contracts with various companies for pre-export verification of conformity to standards for used road vehicles. All importer of used vehicles coming from the UK including returning residents are required ensure that their vehicles are inspection by any of these companies and a certificate of roadworthiness issued before they are shipped. Vehicles originating from the UK will be subject to local inspection at a fee provided that such vehicles are Right Hand Drive and not more than eight (8) years old from the year of first registration (the difference between this year and the year of manufacture should not be more than one year). In addition to verifying the roadworthiness of vehicles in accordance with KS 1515:2000, the companies will also undertake verification of the odometer for tampering. Any discrepancies established between the regulatory/supporting documents e.g. export certificates, registration documents, de-registration documents, regulatory periodic inspection documents, auction sheets etc., and the actual odometer reading at the time of inspection, will constitute a failure and such vehicles will be issued with a Non- Conformity Report (NCR) in which case they shall not be allowed into Kenya. You can visit Intertek UK website depending on your location: http://www.intertek.com/contact/ema/unitedkingdom/ as they are one of the companies nominated for inspection of exports from the UK to the Kenyan market. UKTI can also offer in-market support if you are a company interested in establishing contacts with local companies that have an intention/ import vehicles from the UK

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Dear Yasin,

There are certain requirements in place for exporting vehicles to Kenya, such as vehicles must not be left hand drive, no more then 8 years old from date of manufacture, for passenger vehicles the vehicle must have at least 4 months of MOT validty, the V5 document must be available and vehicles are subject to a pre-shipment inspection prior to export by a nomitade agent We have arranged inspections and exported many cars to Kenya in the past for a number of our clients. Most vehicles are exported on a Ro/Ro vessel service ( Roll on Roll off ) which is cheaper then loading vehicles in to containers, albeit this can be arranged if vehicle will fit and is perhaps a high value vehicle. Things to also consider apart from the inspection fees and shipping costs is the clearance, handling and import duties etc on second hand vehicles once they arrive in Kenya as this will have to be factored in to your sale price in Kenya to cover your costs etc.

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