Exporting cars to African markets



I am looking into exporting used cars to Africa.

I have investigated the market the viability of the venture and found it to have excellent prospects.

I am looking for any information and direction as to how we achieve this ambition.

I have little experience in exporting or trade so will be attentive to all responses.

Thank you


Good Aftenoon

Africa is an emerging market for the export of used vehicles from the UK and looks set continue to grow in the future.

The first consideration is what part of Africa you are looking to export to as the circumstances vary depending on the destination. For example areas in east Africa such as Mombasa, Dar es Salaam and Durban are served twice monthly by RORO (Roll on Roll off) vessels from the UK. Other areas of Africa are also served in this manner, however containerized services are available to any port of your choosing.

In order for us to advise of specific requirements we would need to know the precise markets you are targeting.

Another important factor is making sure you have a good UK agent with established links to the local market.

I hope this helps you, should you require any further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.


Tony Dickinson
Vehicle Specialist
Jenkar Shipping Ltd
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Hi Magdalina
Africa can be a very good place to do business. You will need to focus on countries that have right hand drive if you are exporting from the UK. Your best friend will be a first class freight forwarder as clearing goods tends to be the second biggest issue after payment. Good luck.

Fiona Johnson
Vellag Ltd
( I export farming machinery and parts to Africa)


Information on the Customs requirements for exporting is given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be found on our website www.hmrc.gov.uk under Quick Links > Library > Official Statistics – Publications – Notices, Info Sheets & Other Reference Materials > Import, Export & International Trade. The Public Notices are in numerical order.

Further detailed information regarding exporting goods outside the EU can be found on our website by using the following link http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/channelsPortalWebApp.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pageImport_ShowContent&propertyType=document&resetCT=true&id=HMCE_PROD1_032667

You may find the Export Best Practice Guide particularly helpful

HM Revenue & Customs
Customs International Trade & Excise

Export Action Plan