Exporting cars to Pakistan



We are a UK based company looking to send mercedes c class regulary to pakistan about 4 cars a month.

Can you please tell us what will the customs and duty on:

Mercedes benz c class 2.0litre petrol automatic 2015 uk price £18500
Registration Date02/02/2015
VIN Number WDD2050422F124712
Engine Number27492030336339

We are looking for a company that can also help us with the customs clearance from the pakistan side too.
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Hi Riz

pls see below answer from our agent in Pakistan

Please hold to do any shipping until all information is clear.


This cannot be shipped to a car company, or a dealer, this can be shipped on passport to passport basis only.


Please must check with shipper how they are managing to ship it.


Regarding Duties & Taxes: please make sure that above is okay and by the time let me check Duties & Taxes for you but this will take short time.

If you can me know who you arec selling to in Pakistan we can find ouit some more info for you


Graham Simmonds

Global Freight Connectios Ltd

[email protected]

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