exporting cakes into russia


i have been asked many times from clients if i can send wedding cakes,novelty cakes and special event cakes to russia . what do i need to do too be able to succesfully achieve this


Obviously, you need to make sure of a couple of things first. Payment terms is important.(Make sure you get your money prior to departing the goods!) But also to guarantee that the shipment is kept safe, I would recommend Poly-Boxes for shipping, although very strong tri-wall boxes might also be suitable, depends exactly what sort of quantity you are shipping. You want to avoid the airlines mis-handling them, as they are obviously of a fragile nature.
If you want to send us an email, we have an office in Newcastle and can assist. airexports@freightair.co.uk – There’s actually a box with an inner you can get to hold the cakes firmly in place, maybe speak to specialist packers like http://www.jbpackaging.co.uk to see if they can recommend the best way forward. The actual exporting side, you’ll need to check with the importer that they have got all licences necessary to import the goods. You shouldn’t have a problem if they say there’s no restrictions. We can quote the shipping costs when you are ready. Steve


Hello Jeffrey
A secure method of payment and appropriate packaging are of paramount importance but another important consideration is the documentation that will be required. You will need a commercial invoice, packing list, transport document and a certificate of origin. The commercial invoice may need to be translated into Russian. I would suggest that draft copies of the documents are sent to the importer prior to shipment for checking to ensure there are no problems with Russian customs. We can assist with the preparation of the documentation if required so please feel free to contact me either by phone 01223 890767 or e-mail chris@accesstoexport.com. Also check before shipment that the importer has any necessary licences, permits, registrations etc in place.
I hope this helps.


I assisted a company in Wales a few years ago to export speciality cakes to Denmark and France. We looked at several options of shipping and the ones already suggested are sound proposals. The critical "ingredient" is what the cakes contain and the shelf life of the cakes in question. At the end of our research it was decided only to export those cakes that had 6 months shelf life. These cakes typically included fruit and nuts and alcohol and would probably be a close comparison to Christmas cake in the UK. Some were encased in icing and other glazed but each of them contained alcohol, albeit in very small quantities.

Before exporting your cakes to Russia you will require a full analysis of each ingredient and especially if you have alcohol being used as a preservative. This will need to be translated into Russian and verified. Your local Chamber of Commerce that handles export documentation should be able to assist you.

Whoever is responsible for importing the cakes should be in a position to tell you the actual requirements for labelling as this also needs to be considered. The ingredients and name, address and contact details of the importer must appear on any label.

Finally, it is also a question on whether these cakes are going to be consumed immediately on arrival for a special event or whether they are going onto a shelf in a shop or store. This will also determine which cakes you can export. As above, payment should be made upfront into your bank account in Sterling (including shipping costs) and should have cleared before shipping. Also, make sure that you have no responsibility for any import duties at the other end. This must be the sole responsibility of the importer in such cases.

The Russians love cakes and sweets!

Good luck.

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