exporting british made baby products to hong kong


im setting up an online shopping site which carry high quality british made baby products ie. clothing/goods etc.
i have got a business partner in hong kong. is there any specific doc. need to have? any advise would be appreciated.


Firstly one needs to Register in Hong Kong even if one is not a Hong Kong resident so firstly one needs to look at the GovHK Business and Company Registration on http://www.gov.hk at the top to the right click on Non-resident and you will find all sorts of information including a business social network that will help you.
For all your documentation needs there is something called Document Creation on www.asiasoftware,com which you may be able to download, secondly Hong Kong Incorporation on www.klakgroup.com. For Hong Kong also try the Chinese UK Business Chamber of Commerce, as well as your local Chamber of Commerce can advise you on all paper work and documentation.
I hope this is of some use to you.


Janet –

Are you setting up your online business here in UK or in HK? Depending on where your market is would depend on how you should structure yourself and where.
I can only envisage that the plan (with a HK business partner) is to sell UK baby products into China?
Why are you doing it from HK if it’s online and do you have to have your business partner there?
The Chinese are very keen on all things from the west especially for babies.
We provide online capabilities into China from here in the UK including e-commerce direct to China.
I also have a colleague who is a manufacturer of high quality baby cups who is keen to get to China but cups alone do not have enough value for a minimum order. Perhaps you could hook up.
The Chinese would also like to see your parcel come from the UK, stamped as such too, as that provides authenticity.
Do you need the HK partner for any reason as it is not neded to ‘facilitate’ anything into the PRC. You would be doing the work anyway from here getting the products mailed out. But they should go direct to China not HK if it’s done online.
If it’s all online what is the HK partner doing for their part? you can do everything from here even localising your site which needs to be in China for the SEO and SMM, not HK.
The only thing to do is – if you have a business that starts developing, setting up a HK company for your sales and marketing could have large tax advantages for you. You don’t need anyone there for that either, it can all be run through a corporate service provider. Very straightforward but a cost initailly so wait until it’s going well.

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