Exporting beer to Germany


Hi all, I need to get some of our London brewed beer into Berlin for a festival on the 5th of February. We’re obviously duty-registered with HMRC, but haven’t exported before and we don’t know how to. All the beer we brew is currently sold and consumed in the UK.

If possible I’d like to start exporting with a third party taking care of the legalities etc. If our beer is well received in Berlin we’d look at whether or not it’s worth taking the exporting in-house.

It’s a relatively small quantity of beer we’d be testing the water with at first, but our people in Berlin tell us there’s potentially higher demand there than in London, so exports could actually end up outstripping local sales in the long run.

Can anyone recommend me a company who could provide this service, and let me know about the legal procedures I’d have to go through to work with said company?

All help massively appreciated!



Hi Wilf

We know a company that can deal with the whole export process for you.

If its ok with you, I will pass on your details and ask them to make contact with you?




Hi Wilf
we may be able to arrange this for you. Can you give me a little bit more info please.
is your warehouse bonded ? will beer be going straight to festival or another warehouse first, if so is that bonded ?Do you have idea of how much you will be sending is it on pallets in kegs can you give me weight dimensions and we can get you a price.
Graham Simmonds
Global Freight Connections Ltd
0330 0244 844 ext 117


Hi Wilf,

Graham’s questions above are valid as it make a big difference how you deal with the movement of goods.

Once you find a provider to physically move the goods you may require an EMCS entry, if the movement is between your bonded warehouse and another in Germany. An EMCS is your declaration to HMRC that a movement of goods in duty-suspension will occur. Your consignee will be required to receipt the goods into their warehouse before they probably become duty-paid for consumption in Germany.

You can make your EMCS entry via our user-friendly e-z Consign system. We can help you if required. Setup an account at www.4-exim.com


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