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I’ve had a quick scan and have seen some useful information, but apologies if this question has already been answered. I am a distributor of craft beer in kegs and bottles in the UK, and am looking to expand my market by exporting pallets to other countries within the EU. I don’t have the foggiest idea of where to start. So, I have a pallet of beer, and a distributor in France, for example, would like this pallet of beer. What process do I need to go through to get this pallet to said country and how do I go about finding a cargo company to use.

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Hi Sam,

I work for UK Trade and Investment. We are a government organisation that provides free advice and support to businesses who are looking to trade internationally.

Please can you get in touch with me on 0845 05 05 054 and I will be able to help you with your question and look at arranging an appointment with your local International Trade Adviser.

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Moving a product such as a craft beer within the EU should be a relatively straight forward process. This is especially true if they are palletized as they can be loaded and unloaded easily.

The only concern I would have is the temperature ranges the product may encounter that may affect the product quality, but there are many ways to plan and mitigate these issues.

Please give me a shout if you need any additional advice or pricing.

Graham Bedford
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Hi Sam

You need to be careful about any liability for Excise Duty in the UK and in France. There is an EU system in place for the movement of goods liable to Excise Duty which involves suspension of ED in transit. So you need to make yourself aware of that system, understand how it is operated and consider whether you can make use of it for your future shipments.

Feel free to contact me and I’ll run through the principles of the system with you so that you can see how you might use it. We also specialise in transport to and from France, so we can advise you on the best means of delivering your goods.

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Gary Baylis
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