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What paperwork needs to be raised in order to export a shipment of beer product?

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Hi Stephen,

For my brewery customers the export paperwork is the same as any other business. An export invoice and a packing list if you wish to include one. There are other documents suitable for export if your customer asks for them.

In addition, if the export is outside of Europe, you will need to declare it in advance to HMRC in the form of an NES declaration. This is completed online either yourself or by your freight forwarder but you are always responsible for the details as the exporter of the goods.

For excisable goods like beer, wine, whisky and fuel you are likely to need to make an EMCS declaration as well to cover the goods in duty suspension from your warehouse to the port/airport. This avoids paying the duty which would apply for the domestic or European market.

We have systems which you can use to fulfil these requirements and you are welcome to drop us a line for further details or just if you have further questions in this area. You can read more at www.4-exim.com

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Hi Stephen

As per Ian’s reply you will need to consider if the Beer is duty paid or not and therefore if the EMCS system is appropriate. The National Export System (NES) will be for duty or non duty paid Beer if being exported outside of the EU. The EMCS could be pertinent if it is excise suspended and you wish to move it from your tax warehouse to another in another EU MS for them to pay the excise when removing into ‘home use’ in that MS.

We too have systems for all of the above as our companies are member of the same Trade association.

Please feel free to visit our web site for the system options and to make further contact with us… www.e-customs.com
Including our new low volume – free to use option.



Dear Mr Lewis

For exports of wine outside the EU, you will need to prepare and submit a Customs export declaration.

Export declarations have to be submitted to the Customs computer system known as CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) electronically. Details of the current requirements for completion of the declarations can be found in Volume 3, Part 1.9 of the UK Tariff however we would recommend that you contact a freight forwarder who can prepare and submit declarations directly onto CHIEF on your behalf.

You will need to obtain a Customs commodity code for the goods, and depending on the type of goods involved, you may require more than one.

More detailed information on the above can be found in our Public Notice No.275 a copy of which is available from our website at www.hmrc.gov.uk > Quick Links – Library, Official Statistics > Publications > Notices, Information Sheets and other reference materials > Import, export and international trade > Public Notices > Yes to open site > Scroll to notice required if necessary.

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