Exporting baked goods to US & South Korea


Hi, I sell baked goods – cakes & cookies via my online Etsy store – which has an international presence.

This week I have two orders for Valentines cookies, one from the US and one from South Korea.

I’m aware that there are customs restrictions/documentation requirements for both countries but am having problems finding someone who can help. So far this morning I’ve spoken to my local Chamber, UKti, the FSA and the FCO. Help!


Dear Nila
usa.according to info we have received the shipment will subject to usa fda regulations.
korea ; may be subject to quarrantine inspection.
please give us a call on 01263 513127 or email ; [email protected]
to discuss the matter further.
best regards
colin ; crown freight



I am a member of the UKTI USA team here in New York. I recommend that you look at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website www.fda.gov . On this website you can find out about all the paperwork you would need to fill out as well as how to register your food facility (something that is required by the new Food Safety Modernization Act).

Pleae let us know if you have any other questions regarding the US market.




I work in UKTI based in Seoul, and am writing on behalf of my colleague, Yoonah Lee who is in charge of Food and Drink sector in the market. As far as I know, the Korea Food & Drug Association (www.kfda.go.kr/eng/index.do) has all the related information regarding your questions. Also there are companies who are specialised in F&D importing procedure including the food security test, etc. For more details, please contact my colleague Yoonah Lee at [email protected]

Hope this helps,


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