Exporting aromatic non-Basmati rice from India to globally


We are setting up a social enterprise to promote sustainable economic growth in rural India. In our first initiative we plan to export a specific aromatic variety of indigenous rice called Tulaipanji, grown in a small geographical pocket in Northern part of West Bengal. I am looking for help in the following areas:

1) get connected with the distributors of rice in the UK, Europe and other global market
2) to know the process, compliance requirement, regulatory requirements with exporting rice
3) the quality standard and specification associated with rice

Appreciate your help


Hi Srijnan

Thank you for your question.

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Kind regards & good luck with your new social enterprise.


Hi Srijnan

There are quite few process and compliance issues with rice. I suggest you talk to DEFRA and / or the RPA both UK Govt. Depts. As already suggested the FDF may be helpful to. Have you considered working in association with either the supermarkets as some of these are now more ‘social responsibility’ aware. or work with, rather than say against; the likes of Tilda Rice who already have the knowledge, the infrastructure and the resources to help you bring the product to market.

Hope that helps


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